Aurelia Dancewear is a dancewear label founded by Fabiënne in The Netherlands.

Since taking my first ballet lesson a few weeks before my 16th birthday I was hooked. Realising I couldn’t make a career as a dancer I went to art school and graduated with a fashion degree.

Shops closed all around so I found it harder and harder as an adult to find a good fitting, understated yet unique leotard to wear next to my standard uniform.

That’s how THE BASICS collection was born. A collection of minimalistic leotards that you can wear everyday without giving you an everyday feel. Designed as a staple leotard with comfort in mind. If you feel good it will radiate through in your dancing.

All leotards are designed, drafted, cut, sewn and packaged by myself.

But where does the name come from? Aurelia Dancewear is named after the Dutch name of the Polygonia c-album namely gehakkelde aurelia. It’s a common butterfly in The Netherlands that, with it’s wings closed, looks like a withered leaf. With it’s ragged edges it’s not your standard pretty butterfly. Just as not every dancer is your typical ballerina.